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Anholt Nation Brands Index (NBI) 2014: Germany back on top


After six years Germany has regained the top spot in the Nation Brands Index. Perceptions of Germany in the culture (first place) and people (third place) categories have improved markedly since last year. Germany is also top of the rankings in the quality of products and employability categories and in second place for quality of life. Germany’s governance is perceived to be particularly competent, honest and fair.

On the whole, there was an improvement in the results for the countries with the best international standing. Germany’s overall score even rose by more than double the average increase.

Background information:
The Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index developed by Simon Anholt and carried out in collaboration with the GfK is an international survey on the image of 50 countries. A thousand adults in each of twenty countries post online their personal assessment of the nations surveyed in six different categories. These are: exports, governance, tourism, investment/immigration, culture/cultural heritage, and people.

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