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Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the signing of the US-Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement and the NATO Status of Forces Agreement


Foreign Minister Frank‑Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin on 30 September on the signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghanistan and the United States and the NATO Status of Forces Agreement for the ISAF follow-on mission:

Now the way is clear for continued cooperation with Afghanistan and a key prerequisite for our further commitment has been put in place. The timetable up until the start of the NATO mission on 1 January 2015 is an ambitious one, but I am confident that we can stick to it. I will be seeking support in the Bundestag for a mandate for our participation in the mission.

Background information:

As “framework nation” in the north of Afghanistan, Germany has offered to second between 600 and 800 soldiers to NATO’s Resolute Support training and advisory mission from 1 January 2015. A mandate from the German Bundestag is required. Germany’s participation and presence in the north of the country is dependent on allies and partners making available enough forces of their own and on the security situation in Afghanistan.

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