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Human Rights Commissioner Strässer on the situation in Iraq


Christoph Strässer, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement today (15 August) on the situation in Iraq:

The advance of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq has brought a shocking level of brutality and violence, and represents an appalling low point for the human rights situation in the region. In particular, the barbaric treatment of Yazidi, Christians and other religious minorities involves the danger of crimes against humanity. These despicable violations of human rights must be punished.

The German Government and the international community are also not willing to tolerate the dramatically deteriorating humanitarian situation of the some 1.2 million internally displaced people. Both the Iraqi Government and the international community must now make every effort to provide help quickly to those in need and to ensure that people are protected immediately and in the long term. This requires comprehensive humanitarian action on the part of the international community and a rapid expansion of international protection measures.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the actions by the ISIS terrorists in the strongest terms last week, and is continuing to monitor the situation. I hope that the Human Rights Council will also send a strong signal.

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