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German Government supports democratic transition in Egypt – “Egypt Electionnaire” goes online –


Together with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Foreign Office is helping to encourage popular participation in Egypt in the country’s political debate.

In the run-up to the first free elections to be held on 28 November, “Egypt Electionnaire” a specially designed civic education tool, today (2 November) goes online.

Modelled on tools devised by the Federal Agency for Civic Education for Germany, this new tool was developed in cooperation with representatives of Egyptian civil society. With Egypt Electionnaire, users can explore issues now being intensively debated in Egypt such as constitutional reform, equal rights for men and women and freedom of religion. They can also find online information on the party landscape as well as further background on a variety of issues.

As a true exercise in civic education, the aim is to help Egyptians become better informed about the upcoming elections and get to grips with the issues at stake.

Egypt Electionnaire can be accessed at www.egyptvotes.org, a platform for young Egyptian journalists who report on the elections from all over the country. It is operated by Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT), a German NGO, and Arabic Networks of Human Rights Information (ANHRI), an NGO based in Cairo. The Federal Foreign Office has allocated 95,000 euro to the “Egypt votes” project.

On behalf of the German Government, Foreign Minister Westerwelle has offered post-revolution Egypt a so-called “transformation partnership”. The goal of such a partnership between equals is to provide concrete assistance designed to help build democratic and rule of law institutions, strengthen civil society, and promote economic and social progress. The Egypt Electionnaire project is part and parcel of this endeavour.

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