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Federal Minister Westerwelle: Georgian openness to dialogue sends an important signal for building confidence with Russia


In a speech before the European Parliament yesterday, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili declared that Georgia would renounce violence and seek to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty solely through peaceful means. Saakashvili also stressed his willingness to enter into dialogue with Russia.
Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement in Berlin today (24 November):

“Through his speech yesterday the Georgian President made an important contribution to building confidence and to moving the Geneva talks forward constructively. A solution to the conflict can only succeed through dialogue.
Russia and all other parties to the conflict should build on this step constructively and meet it with their own confidence-building measures.
A solution to the conflict on the basis of the full implementation of the 2008 ceasefire agreement remains the goal.”

International talks on the conflict in Georgia began in 2008 and will continue with a further round to be held in mid-December. The talks are jointly chaired by the European Union, the United Nations and the OSCE.

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