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Federal Minister Steinmeier appeals to Kenyan politicians to find a peaceful solution and supports call for a re-count


Given the tense security situation in Kenya, Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier today (3 January) again urged the Government and opposition to avoid further bloodshed:

"The postponing of the mass demonstration planned by Raila Odinga's party gives the Government and opposition breathing space to discuss a peaceful way out of the current crisis. The two sides now have to show prudence and urge their supporters to forego violence. Kenya is at the crossroads. Either the political opponents will together find a peaceful and constitutional solution to the crisis or the stability achieved in recent years will be squandered.

I support the call by the Kenyan Attorney General and the EU election observers for a re-count of votes. This could be the basis for reconciliation between parties and ethnic groups and for Kenya's return to the road to democracy."

Federal Minister Steinmeier spoke on the telephone yesterday to Foreign Minister Raphael Tuju and opposition leader Raila Odinga to urge both sides to act prudently. Today he spoke to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon about the situation in Kenya.

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