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Federal Minister Steinmeier calls upon Kenyan politicians to act prudently


Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke yesterday evening (2 January) on the telephone with Raila Odinga, Kenyan opposition politician and presidential candidate, who is planning a major demonstration by his supporters today, and with Kenyan Foreign Minister Raphael Tuju.

Minister Steinmeier expressed the concerns of the German Government at the latest outbreaks of violence in Kenya and emphasized its support for mediation efforts, particularly those of the African Union. He appealed to the Government and the opposition to avoid provocation and violence.

Raila Odinga agreed to call upon his supporters to act prudently and peacefully and was open to mediation efforts.

During his conversation with Foreign Minister Tuju, Federal Minister Steinmeier urged the police and security forces to exercise restraint and try to de-escalate.

The primary goal of both sides had to be to avoid further bloodshed, as the Minister told both men.

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