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Federal Minister Steinmeier on the elections in Kenya


Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement today (1 January) on the presidential elections in Kenya:

"The Federal Government is following the latest developments in Kenya with grave concern. The high turnout and the peaceful nature of the recent elections bear witness to the Kenyan people's confidence in democracy. However, the way in which the elections were conducted fell short of international standards. Following the elections, there have been clashes which have claimed many lives. There is a risk of further escalation and growing ethnic tension.

The German Government calls upon the Government and the opposition in Kenya to find a peaceful solution to the conflict based on the Constitution. Further violence must be avoided at all costs.

The obvious irregularities in the election need to be examined. Therefore the German Government very much supports the call by the European election observers for an independent investigation of the election result."

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