I don't need a visa for my trip to Germany, but are there other things I should bear in mind?

You can only enter Germany if you have valid identity papers. On the planned date of departure from Germany, your passport has to be valid at least for another three months and it has to be issued within the last 10 years. 

In certain cases, documents have to be presented that prove the purpose and circumstances of the visit.

Similarly, proof may also have to be provided that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself during your stay and to finance the return trip. The amount of funding depends on the type and length of stay. There are no fixed daily rates.

You are advised to take out health insurance before your trip which also covers return transport to your home country.

In cases of repeated entries and a longer duration foreigners who are not nationals of a European Union or European Economic Area state must bear in mind that visits to the Schengen area are restricted to 90 days in any period of 180 days.

For longer stays for example to study or take up employment, different regulations often apply.

Visa regulations

Here you can find out whether you need a visa for visits to Germany and the Schengen states of up to 90 days. Foreigners wanting to stay longer than 90 days in Germany, who want to work or study in Germany, as a rule automatically need a visa. more

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