I lost my German citizenship because I acquired a foreign nationality. Can I get my German citizenship back?

In principle it is possible for former Germans to be renaturalized. Key conditions include the ability to support oneself, mastery of the German language and proof of ties to Germany. Generally health insurance for Germany is also required. Chances are very much increased by a readiness to relinquish all previous nationalities.

If the applicant is not prepared to do so, he/she has to outline in detail the reasons for not relinquishing his/her current nationality in line with the retention permit.

Such a naturalization does not automatically include children, grandchildren and other descendants. Separate applications have to be submitted and the above criteria apply.
For further advice, please contact the competent German mission covering your place of residence.

Law on Nationality

The widely amended law on nationality entered into force on 1 January 2000. On 20 December 2014, the Second Act Amending the Nationality Act entered into force. Here you can find the central points. more

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