What exactly is the Working Holiday programme?

Working holiday programmes exist with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Israel, Chile and Brazil.  The programme with Brazil hasn’t started yet. 

The programmes give young people between 18 and 30 the opportunity to gain an insight into the culture and daily life of the partner country. They can stay up to 12 months. Holiday jobs can be taken on to help finance the stay.

Citizens of Australia, Japan, Israel, New Zealand can apply for the relevant visa at every German mission abroad or after their arrival directly at the competent aliens office.

Citizens of Chile can apply for the relevant visa at every German mission abroad.

Citizens of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Brazil have to apply for the relevant visa for their working holiday stay in Germany at the competent German mission abroad.

More information on the duration of the application procedure, the documents to be presented, fees etc. is available on the webpages of various German missions.

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