The #CSRhumanitär initiative: assuming humanitarian responsibility together

The Federal Foreign Office launched the #CSRhumanitär initiative to promote exchange between business and humanitarian players and develop new cooperation opportunities. 

The need for humanitarian assistance throughout the world is on the rise. This growing need calls for a strengthened humanitarian system and efficient partnerships between donors and aid organisations. The Federal Foreign Office coordinates the Federal Government’s humanitarian assistance and works on innovations in the humanitarian assistance field -- such as bringing on board new players and donors. 

The #CSRhumanitär initiative fosters new approaches to encourage the business sector to assume its societal responsibility for global humanitarian challenges and support needs‑based humanitarian assistance. In many cases, enterprises are already valuable partners in dealing with acute humanitarian emergency situations and can play a key role in boosting efficiency in humanitarian assistance and developing emergency aid capacities. 

What is the goal of this initiative? 

Business dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office

Business dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office
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Business dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office

Business dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office

Business dialogue at the Federal Foreign Office

The initiative is designed to tap the potential of entrepreneurial engagement above and beyond philanthropy in alignment with companies’ core business (know‑how transfer, staff mobilisation, material resources) and provide a platform to further develop the status quo of humanitarian assistance and shape future disaster relief approaches. The initiative promotes dialogue between business and humanitarian players. The dialogue on the possibilities and limitations of partner‑based cooperation is intended to help develop joint innovative approaches so that needs‑based, culturally and socially appropriate humanitarian assistance can be provided abroad. 

Methods and tools 

#CSRhumanitär is pursuing a trisectoral, participative stakeholder approach: through surveys and dialogue‑based events, the process participants (representatives of civil society, politics and business) formulate humanitarian needs and develop opportunities for cooperation. Particular attention is given to fostering communication on an equal footing to facilitate trust‑based exchange.  

Implementation through multi‑stakeholder dialogue 

  • Ascertaining the needs of humanitarian players 
  • Ascertaining the potential of the business sector 
  • Creating a common language and building trust 
  • Context analyses 

Cooperation partner Aktion Deutschland Hilft

The Federal Foreign Office has charged Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. with the conception and implementation of the #CSRhumanitär initiative. 

In order to do justice to this mandate, Aktion Deutschland Hilft places a particular focus on transparent communication with business and humanitarian players. Since 2005 the alliance has been in dialogue with enterprises engaged in humanitarian assistance and regularly discusses with them the specific challenges they face in this context. 

Interested enterprises and humanitarian agencies are warmly invited to help shape the dialogue process! 

Click here for an explanatory video on the #CSRhumanitär initiative.

Last updated 15.02.2017

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