First German-Brazilian cyber consultations

On 22 and 23 February, Germany and Brazil held bilateral cyber consultations for the first time in the Brazilian capital Brasília. Alongside government representatives, there were high-level representatives of business, academia and civil society discussing human rights in the digital era, the digital economy as well as Internet governance and international cyber security.

Germany and Brazil worked together inter alia to organise the NETmundial conference. Since 2013, the two countries have together proposed several resolutions on the right to privacy in the digital age in the United Nations and built consensus for the appointment of a UN Special Rapporteur. Based on these successful steps, the two sides have agreed to hold regular bilateral cyber consultations.

Dr Thomas Fitschen, Director for International Cyber Policy at the Federal Foreign Office, said:

Brazil has taken on a pioneering role internationally on Internet legislation, for example by adopting the “Marco Civil da Internet”. With numerous initiatives, the country has established itself as a driving force on cyber policy. For us, Brazil is an important partner whom we work closely with on many cyber issues.

In the consultations, Brazil and Germany agreed to continue their shared engagement for a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyber area in which human rights are upheld.

The next cyber consultations are to be held in Berlin in early 2017.

Last updated 25.02.2016

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