Project funding

In the context of the transformation partnership, Germany is actively supporting democratisation in the Arab world through a large number of projects. A selection are described here to give an impression of the 200‑odd projects receiving assistance.

Germany is using its transformation partnerships to support democratic change in North Africa and the Middle East. The assistance offered is geared to the partner countries’ particular needs and priorities.

Since 2011, the Federal Foreign Office (FFO) has supported projects run by German and international NGOs in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Jordan and Yemen. More than 200 projects have received support so far. The assistance can go to measures intended to flank the transformation and reform processes. The main focus is on the following subject areas:

  • Democracy-building
  • Promoting the rule of law
  • Constitutional reform
  • Strengthening civil society
  • Human rights
  • Business and employment
  • Education/culture/media

How do I apply for funding?

Applications for projects amounting to more than 250,000 euros should be submitted directly to the FFO. Please check our detailed guidelines on project funding.

Applications for projects amounting to less than 250,000 euros, where the duration of the project is no more than one calendar year, should be submitted to the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa). ifa receives FFO project funding as part of the transformation partnership, to promote projects run by German and international NGOs.

    ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. 
    Förderprogramm zivik
    Linienstrasse 139/140 
    10115 Berlin

The institute’s ‘zivik’ programme oversees the entire project cycle (application, disbursements, auditing of proof of employment of funds etc.). ifa zivik is also tasked with advising foreign and domestic NGOs. The FFO retains political control and overall responsibility.

Preparing an application

Please note the information given here on how to prepare your application:

Application form (doc, 111 KB)

BNBest-AA Stand 2014 in English (PDF, 35 KB)

Last updated 24.06.2015

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