International Afghanistan Conference

Afghanistan after the Bonn Conference

The International Afghanistan Conference on 5 December 2011 in Bonn renewed Afghanistan’s partnership with the international community and placed it on a solid foundation for the decade after 2014.

Conference Outcome and Documents

Here you can find the Conference Conclusions, speeches and additional information on the conference.


The International Contact Group

The International Contact Group (ICG) chaired by the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is designed as a forum for coordination and consensus-building among the international community both in and with Afghanistan and Pakistan. more

Meeting with Afghan civil society

In Bonn on 3 December, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul met members of Afghanistan’s civil society in the run-up to the Afghanistan Conference. more

The region

Promoting and strengthening Afghanistan’s relations with its neighbours is an important pillar of international Afghanistan policy. more

The economy

One of the central themes of the Afghanistan Conference is the international community’s long-term involvement in Afghanistan after responsibility for security has been handed over. more


The Mining Investors Forum on 26 October 2011 explored the opportunities that exist in the sector as well as the demands that companies from OECD countries have regarding business conditions in Afghanistan.

Brussels Nine Action Points (PDF, 24 KB)

To the event: Mining Investors Forum

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