Germany's financial contributions to the United Nations

UN regular budget

On 27 December 2013, the biennial budget for the years 2014-2015 was approved by the UN General Assembly. At the end of 2012 a revision was approved. The biennial budget totals 5.5 billion US dollars. With a share of  7.1 percent, Germany contributes around 190 million US dollars per year. This makes Germany the third largest contributor to the regular budget after the United States (22 percent) and Japan (10.8 percent).

Other important contributors are our EU partners the United Kingdom (5.2 percent), France (5.6 percent) and Italy (4.4 percent). The 28 member states of the EU contribute around 35 percent of the UN budget.


The budgets for the individual peacekeeping missions are passed separately for each individual year from July until the following June. For the period between July 2014 and June 201%, total expenditure on all 15 peacekeeping missions will be more than 8.0 billion US dollars; here as well Germany contributes 7.1 percent, transferring more than 570 million US dollars to the United Nations.

For the peacekeeping missions, Germany is the fourth largest contributor in 2014 after France (7.2 percent), because the Permanent Members of the Security Council pay a larger contribution on account of their special responsibility. The United States is the largest contributor with 28.4 percent. Japan is in second place with 10.8 percent.

Additional obligatory and voluntary contributions

In addition to our contributions to the UN regular budget and peacekeeping operations, Germany pays assessed contributions to the international criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, as well as to UN specialized agencies and other UN institutions. Above and beyond these obligatory contributions, Germany makes considerable voluntary contributions to individual UN programmes.

Background: Contributions to the United Nations budget

Last updated 28.07.2014

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