Directorate-General for Asia and the Pacific

In May 2017, a separate Directorate-General was created for Asia and the Pacific for the first time ever in the Federal Foreign Office. 

China and Asia in general are becoming increasingly more important for Germany and Europe, both economically and politically. Germany must therefore intensify its relations with Asia and shape them more strategically in order to do even greater justice to the ever-growing importance of this region, with its population of over four billion and its rapidly expanding markets. 

Today more than ever, Europe and Germany need reliable partners in the world. With its 38 embassies and consulates, the German Government already has a dense and close-knit network in Asia. Germany should build on existing partnerships in Asia and should enter into new agreements.

Economic cooperation is a crucial area, i.e. reliable rules should be laid down for free and fair trade to create new jobs in Germany and Asia while respecting social standards. In addition, Germany wants to bolster conflict prevention in this region and support regional institutions and multilateralism.

The goals of the Directorate-General for Asia and the Pacific are to

  • improve coherence in Germany’s policy on Asia through better coordination
  • build up contacts with Asian partners at all levels
  • improve structural consistency with major partners in Asia, Europe and the USA
  • enhance expertise on this crucial continent.

Foreign Minister Gabriel’s speech at the German Asia-Pacific Business Association in Hamburg: “Asia is and remains a crucial region for the future of both Germany and Europe” (24 March 2017).

Last updated 08.05.2017

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